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Travel With Me to: Croatia!

Hi guys!I'm back from my vacation in Croatia and it was so good! As you may already know some of my best friends went with us, Kithana and Zita. They are THE BEST and we had so much fun together! I miss them already :( But enough about that, you're probably here to read about our vaca.

We went for 2 weeks, 1 week on a sailing boat and the other week we stayed in an apartment. We sailed in the aria of Dubrovnik (Mljet, Korcula, ...). We saw a lot of beautiful places and it was nice to sail again after 7 years! The 2nd week we stayed in Mlini with a family who rented some apartments and had a pool. We had the best time there and the family was so nice and sweet to us! 
We made a new friend 'Marija' and she's so sweet (Marija, if you're reading this, we really miss you!), took A LOT of pics and made new memories. This vacation was AMAZING!!! That's our vaca in a nutshell, here are some pics :)

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